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Elizabeth Cheever founded Cheever Communications in 1986 with the goal of providing customized executive coaching and communications skills training to a wide range of organizations. More »

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Executive Coaching, Presentation Skills, Business Communications

Do you want to learn to:

  • Speak powerfully to inspire your audience to action?
  • Connect to people’s hearts and move them to action?
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking or simply speak up with confidence in meetings?
  • Influence your peers and demonstrate your value to management?
  • Craft and deliver an organized presentation from beginning to end with no anxiety?
  • Move forward or up in your organization or life?
  • Learn to express and showcase your competence to a potential enabler?

Welcome to the challenges faced by all of us!

If you are spinning your wheels to make an impact, knowing you are the content expert and still others are whizzing by you, maybe it’s time to reassess. A simple few hours on the phone or in a meeting may be all you need or an ongoing executive coaching relationship to strategize and implement a successful plan could be the answer to your revitalization.

Your Partner in Success – Your Executive Coach

Whether you are an executive in Corporate America or an entrepreneur looking to transition to the next level, Cheever Communications is your solution.

You know your expertise; we know how to help you communicate it