Executive Coaching – Our Approach

Executive Coaching Programs Customized for your Unique Needs

Cheever Communications is strongly committed to helping organizations and individuals achieve success through effective, positive communications. We believe this is possible only through customized executive coaching programs designed to address the unique communications goals of each client – not by applying a standardized formula for all clients.

We create customized programs that deliver real, measurable results. From the beginning, Cheever Communications works closely with clients – whether senior management, reporting managers, human resources and/or executive development departments – to identify their unique goals and needs.

We utilize our business knowledge and communications and management skills in crafting our client programs. We combine this with a strong background in psychology and organizational behavior. This enables us to provide comprehensive programs that address the needs of the company as well as the individual.

Although each of our executive coaching or presentation skills programs is customized for you, we take a “turnkey” approach to implementing our coaching and consulting programs so they are consistently effective for all of our clients. We work closely with all involved parties to establish clear cut goals at the outset, along with a plan and time frame for implementation. To demonstrate results, we provide measurements of accomplishment and appropriate “next steps” at the end of the engagement.

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