Executive Coaching Process

We begin each executive coaching engagement by conferring with you, the executive, and often your superior and/or a Human Resources contact. Together, we agree on the nature and scope of the coaching needs, the desired goals and appropriate measurements of success.

Once a coaching plan has been approved, the Cheever consultant begins by meeting with you to become familiar with your specific challenges, business goals and personal learning style. We combine this with information and insight into your industry, organization, corporate culture, and the dynamics of your particular department or workgroup. Based on this information, we work with you to create an action plan for future coaching sessions.

Through individual sessions over a period of months, the Cheever consultant works with you, using a variety of coaching and consulting methods. In order to gain a “360 degree” view of your working environment, we may talk with selected colleagues – management, peers and direct reports – to understand not just how you view your challenges but how you interact with and are perceived by others.

In working with you, the Cheever consultant provides a trusted environment for gaining self-awareness, analyzing existing issues, changing perceptions, and developing new skills and insights. The coaching may incorporate a range of one-on-one discussions, exercises, skills practices, demonstrations and simulations – all customized to your individual goals and working style.

Because coaching is most beneficial when it is reinforced over the long term, the on-site sessions may be followed by ongoing telephone conversations to support the newly learned practices and behavior. Your Cheever consultant meets with you and your manager to assess your progress and determine needs for further development and ongoing support.