Executive Coaching

Ensuring You Reach Your Full Potential and Achieve Success

Our Executive Coaching has one overriding goal: to enable our clients to reach their full potential and achieve success. Reaching this goal involves many different skills and talents – all of which can be developed through targeted, one-on-one coaching.

In our executive coaching engagements, we look at you, the individual, and your organization, the people you work with, and the unique challenges you face. Working one-on-one with you and your manager(s), we develop a “360 degree” picture of the working environment and identify both general and specific goals. Based on that picture, we implement a coaching plan tailored to your particular needs and situation.

Executive coaching programs involve having management and organizational skills not only to meet complex business challenges, but also to create a constructive, positive working environment. It’s about team-building, leadership, and a full range of interpersonal communication skills that enable talented people to work together toward shared goals and objectives.

Working with a Cheever Communications coach, you can:

  • Gain self-awareness and clarify personal goals and objectives.
  • Learn how to motivate people and build morale.
  • Grow your communications skills.
  • Develop skills and strategies for successful negotiation.
  • Learn new approaches to leading, motivating and interacting with others.
  • Better understand the dynamics of your group or organization.
  • Learn new behaviors that can clear the way to success.
  • Gain a positive perspective on your work life and activities.
  • Develop new approaches to problem solving.
  • Get support for successfully handling daily challenges.

From a business perspective, Cheever Communications works with managers to:

  • Identify current management issues and objectives.
  • Raise your profile in the organization and position yourself for promotion.
  • Sell ideas and proposals to superiors, peers or the whole organization.
  • Lead organizations through difficult periods of change.
  • Strategize to develop, introduce and implement successful, new initiatives.
  • Address challenging situations or personalities, resulting in a win-win resolution for all parties.
  • Learn to manage and work effectively with people with different talents, expertise and background.
  • Build the leadership skills that translate into success for both the executive and the organization.

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