Presentation Skills Coaching

Clear, effective communications – both in content and delivery – are fundamental to successful interactions at all levels in the organization and beyond. For example, technology-oriented managers often find it hard to communicate clearly with senior management, who are often unfamiliar with product engineering or IT issues.

The communications challenge is especially important for executives who interact with external audiences, including sales prospects, customers, investors, partners, vendors and the media. You need to make sure that your communications are clear, concise, positive and consistent with the organization’s overall business strategies.

Presentation skills coaching is part of our Executive Coaching program. Cheever Communications works with you one on one, to understand your audiences and craft messages that will resonate with them, leading to positive outcomes. We focus first on the groundwork for effective communications:

  • Getting to know the audience.
  • Organizing presentations and crafting messages that will resonate with each audience.
  • Gauging the listener’s or audience’s receptivity to your point of view and crafting the presentation to achieve maximum success.
  • Setting reasonable expectations for positive responses and outcomes of meetings or presentations.

We then work with you to refine both your messages and interaction with the audience. In the process, we provide specific, constructive feedback, often supplemented with videotaped exercises to help focus on specific communication techniques. In the process, you will learn to:

  • Establish credibility.
  • Create powerful, attention-getting openings.
  • Plan and organize content.
  • Assess non-verbal cues such gestures, posture, eye contact, movement and attire.
  • Handle anxiety.
  • Effectively use visual aids, including PowerPoint presentations, grease boards and flip charts.
  • Analyze , “read” and adapt to the audience throughout the presentation.
  • Deal with difficult questions and objections.

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