State Street Success Story

State Street Corporation, Stephen Dill, Interactive Marketing Strategies

As vice president of interactive marketing strategies at State Street Corporation, Stephen Dill focuses on the Internet as a marketing vehicle for the global financial services company. This means communicating effectively, both in ongoing dialogues and formal presentations, with the company’s non-technical senior management.

“As someone with both marketing and IT expertise, I need to be able to convey my technology-based initiatives to them in a clear, powerful way,” said Dill. “I found it particularly challenging to present technical concepts and initiatives in ways that were meaningful to them.”

The solution? Executive coaching by Cheever Communications.

In a series of one-on-one sessions, the Cheever consultant worked with Dill on both the content and delivery. A key part of the coaching focused on preparation for meetings and presentations. “Previously, I did little advance planning,” Dill commented. “The Cheever consultant and I began by thinking through the entire communication process. This included gauging how receptive the audience would be to specific ideas and ways of communicating them.”

In addition, Cheever worked with Dill on honing his presentation skills. As part of this process, the consultant videotaped Dill a series of mock, before-and-after presentations. They then reviewed the videotapes together, identifying both verbal and non-verbal delivery techniques that made his delivery clearer and more persuasive.

As a result of Cheever’s executive coaching, Dill found that he was much more successful in communicating his initiatives to State Street’s management. “Cheever Communications is a wonderful resource,” he noted. “They provide a valuable, objective point of view in assessing your communications skills. Further, they understand the dynamics of both communications and business, so they can add real value in helping people achieve their business goals.”