Presentation Skills Training

Giving an effective, engaging presentation can be a challenge for the most experienced business professional. Through our one-day or multi-day Presentation Skills Training programs, Cheever Communications applies proven, time-tested techniques to ensure you deliver clear, compelling presentations that engage, enlighten and motivate.

We focus not only on content – how to organize and craft your presentation – but on delivery techniques that enable you to connect with your audiences and perform with confidence and credibility. With our wide range of business expertise, we tailor our Presentation Skills training to your specific needs in addressing internal or external audiences. This includes:

  • Sales and marketing presentations to prospective customers.
  • Communications with internal audiences such as senior management and members of diverse departments or workgroups.
  • Presentations to external business audiences including current and potential investors, partners, vendors and customers.
  • Interactions of corporate spokespeople.

In our Presentation Training, we give individuals and groups the tools and techniques for delivering clear, powerful presentations that meet their specific goals. These include:

  • Reducing anxiety.
  • Analyzing your audience.
  • Opening powerfully.
  • Developing clear, compelling messages.
  • Learning powerful delivery techniques involving word choice, tone, pace and projection.
  • Employing non-verbal techniques like gestures, postures and eye contact
  • Planning and organizing content.
  • Effectively using visual aids such as PowerPoint, videos and flipcharts .
  • Responding to challenging questions
  • Closing confidently.

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